Henry and Vanessa
By Moneer Elmasseek

We see Henry ponder for a moment before Vanessa enters.


Vanessa: Doctor Jekyll?

Henry: Yes?

Vanessa: Vanessa Helsing, I left a message for you last week?

Henry: Yes, Sorry its been a really hectic week. Would you like to take a seat?

Vanessa: Thank you.

Vanessa sits down.

Henry: So, what can I do for you Miss Helsing?

Vanessa: Ms Helsing.

Henry: Ms Helsing, How can I help?

Vanessa: I would like to speak briefly about one of your former patients?

Henry: Are you talking about Dennis?

Vanessa: Yes, I was wondering...

Henry: With all due respect Ms Helsing, I have already given a full account to the police and I have no desire whatsoever to recall the events of that day, So if that will be all?

Vanessa: With all due respect Doctor, I'm not with the police.

Henry: You're not?

Vanessa: No, we're separate from the police.

Henry: Could you elaborate please? I'm very confused.

Vanessa: I'm from C.O.S.O

Henry: What?

Vanessa: Centre Of Strange Occurrences.

Henry: What?

Vanessa: It's pretty self explanatory.

Henry: Not really.

Vanessa: Good to know those two PHD's didn't go to waste.

Henry: How did you...

Vanessa: They're on your wall doctor.

Henry: Very observant of you.

Vanessa: Part of my job.

Henry: Of course, strange occurrences would require a keen eye to spot.

Vanessa: You're not taking this seriously Doctor.

Henry: So you're a reporter then?

Vanessa: No.

Henry: Then why the interest?

Vanessa: Lets just say its my jurisdiction.

Henry: Right.

Vanessa: Do you want to see some ID?

Henry: If possible.

Vanessa hands over a piece of paper.

Henry: What's this?

Vanessa: You don't recognise your address?

Henry: I know that, but what's this?

Vanessa: Proof you cheated on your college exam.

Henry: I didn't cheat.

Vanessa: Oh sorry, you mean strategically using written notes in exams? The prohibited kind? Its disappointing really.

Henry: I had a tough time remembering my notes in college, but I assure you I studied for my Doctorates. They're not given away.

Vanessa: Oh without a doubt, however such a revelation in your college qualification might cause ripples which might affect the validity of your degree and thus your current employment. So with that all understood, shall we talk about Dennis?

A moment of pause as Henry tries to take in what just happened.

Henry: What do you want to know?

Vanessa: What didn't you tell the police?

Henry: I told the police everything.

Vanessa: I'm talking about the finer details.

Henry: My Patient committed suicide Ms Helsing, There's not much else. If you want a review of his psychiatric evaluation I've got that on file.

Vanessa: Come on Doctor, you must know by now I'm not interested in official nonsense. There was something about him that didn't make sense wasn't there?

Henry: Well each case is different.

Vanessa: Cut the crap Doctor. What was it that confused you?

Henry: He could remember his dreams.

Vanessa: What?

Henry: He could remember them.

Vanessa: We all remember dreams sometimes.

Henry: Do you remember how your dream begins?

Vanessa: Well no that's not how dreams work.

Henry: Exactly, but he would describe to me in such vivid detail how his dreams started. Where he went, what he saw. He even told me he could read.

Vanessa: What's strange about that?

Henry: The part of the brain that reads is dormant when we dream. We can't read in a dream, even in a REM dream its simply not possible.

Vanessa: You left this out of your report?

Henry: Of course I did, it didn't make any sense. He described these places as though he actually went there.

Vanessa: What did he describe?

Henry: Oh just your typical nightmare stuff, things are dark, weird creatures, corrupt imaginary. “It was but it wasn't” sort of thing.

Vanessa: Did he give this place a name?

Henry: How did you...

Vanessa: Just answer the question.

Henry: I think so, I can't remember exactly.

Vanessa: Right. Well I think I have everything I need.

Henry: Wait that's it?

Vanessa: For you, for now, yes.

Henry: Okay.

Vanessa: I'll see myself out Doctor, thank you for your time.

Vanessa gets up to leave.

Henry: Didn't exactly have a choice did I?