Useful Links

While navigating the creative industry I have been lucky enough to make some incredible friends across various mediums of art, all of whom offer different services. Here you will find the links to their various websites, check out what they have on offer.


One of my oldest friends, Jake is an award winning film maker with many years experience. Having created documentaries, films and adverts for various different companies, he will bring your ideas to life with the upmost quality.


Having been trained in stage combat at East 15 and various different martial arts, Mark gives unique and affordable stage combat training, from hand to hand to weapons. He also offers stunt coordination for stage/screen and self defense classes. Based in London.


Lena is an incredible self taught hyper-realistic artist using graphite and charcoal. She sells high quality prints of her work as well as original artwork.


Home of amazing stage productions and a brilliantly inclusive agency. I'm lucky enough to be part of the Monsteers family. Check out the amazing talent on offer.


Incredible food with michalin level quality, my brother in law runs this incredible restaurant (the fresh chicken burgers are my personal favorite). If you are based in Colchester or planning on traveling through, make sure you make a reservation and stop by.


An amazing theatre company to whom I owe a lot of my credits to. "A wonderful Adventure" takes theatre into all matter of venues, from schools to bookshops. Specialising in particular with children's theatre and puppet work they bring a steampunk twist to all their work to create memorable and educational experiences for all ages.


A company started by my amazing friend Taffiny, Moonlitbast creates amazing theraputic candles with clever names which are almost as addictive as their aromas.


The website of the incredible award winning

comedian Sikisa. Star of the BBC, ITV and Dave as well as various others

In addition to performing and hosting, Sikisa curates and hosts two amazing female based shows. Girl Code which is a comedy chat show and Stand Up for Women which is an annual comedy show raising money for charity, Solace Women’s Aid.