Upcoming Projects


Tales of Tartarus: Film Series.

A series of interlocking films I'm producing re-imagining classic characters of literature in a contemporary setting.

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Fallout: The Road To Tipperary (Actor/Writer/Director)

Role: Vic

Date: Spring 2021

Inspired by the popular game series, this films explores a Britain ravaged by nuclear war, we follow a man making a perilous journey north, combating all that the radiation infected former empire has to throw at him. Trailer

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Beyond the Monozone (Actor, Writer, Director)

Role: Myself

Date: Ongoing

Inspired by the real life tragedy of me losing my film "Into the Monozone" due to tech issues, this Meta web series explores what happens when "Mono" the artificial intelligence from my film is brought to life through magic. With Chatoic results.


Alice in Wonderland (Actor)

Role: The Mad Hatter

Date: TBC

Coming next year, the Monsteers Theatre group bring Lewis Carroll's incredible adventure to life. I am very excited to play of the parts I feel I was born to play, that of the eccentric tea drinking host that is, The Mad Hatter.


The Truth Trip (Actor)

Role: Sex Guru

Date: TBC

A romantic dark comedy about a bunch of couples and singletons taking a trip to "find themselves".

From the minds of Kyra Jessica Willis and and Sean Erwood, this film takes us from the uk to abroad when insanity ensues.


The Work Experience  (Actor/Writer)

Role: TBC

Date: TBC

A play about a young intern's first day working in a very old and very known industry. With clients coming in from all over, this play asks the question; What are we?


Surviving a Horror movie for beginners (Actor/Writer)

Role: Various

Date: TBC

Comedy web series looking at all the simple actions one can take to avoid being hacked to death by a machete in a horror film (perhaps don't investigate that strange noise?).