Upcoming Projects

Tales of Tartarus: Film Series.

A series of interlocking films I'm producing re-imagining classic characters of literature in a contemporary setting.

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Fallout: The Road To Tipperary (Actor/Writer/Director)

Role: Vic

Date: Summer 2020

Inspired by the popular game series, this films explores a Britain ravaged by nuclear war, we follow a man making a perilous journey north, combating all that the radiation infected former empire has to throw at him.

Pirate Series (Actor)

Role: Thomas Barrow

Date: Autumn 2020

There's not much I'm able to disclose about this series yet. Its a pirate show that will be broadcast on a popular streaming platform later this year.

Keep your eye on this space.

The Work Experience  (Actor/Writer)

Role: TBC

Date - TBC

A play about a young intern's first day working in a very old and very known industry. With clients coming in from all over, this play asks the question; What are we?

Surviving a Horror movie for beginners (Actor/Writer)

Role: Various

Date - TBC

Comedy web series looking at all the simple actions one can take to avoid being hacked to death by a machete in a horror film (perhaps don't investigate that strange noise?).