Pictured above from left to right: Rueben Lanzon as Victor Frankenstein, Moneer Elmasseek (Myself) as Henry Jekyll and Ashantai Bennet as Alice Mirari.

Tales of Tartarus:

Film Series

"Tales of Tartarus" is a series of short and feature length films I'm producing. They will re imagine classical characters of literature, such as Doctor Jekyll, Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Frankenstein among others, in a contemporary setting with stories overlapping and interlocking with each other.


The Series aims to shed light on modern issues through the guise of science fiction and fantasy with an incredible diverse cast. 

Films will be released over the course of the next few years, watch this space.

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Tales of Tartarus: The Tweedle Twins

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumb are preparing for a meal while they lament on the world they

find themselves in. Although all is not what it seems, this seemingly innocent pair are not without secrets. After all, everybody in Tartarus is guilty of something...

Watch the full film here.

Pictured above: Taylor Dockrell as Tweedle Dee 

and Jermal Benjamin as Tweedle Dumb.


Tales of Tartarus: The Consultation

The Final consultation between a patient and a Doctor. Just how real are these dreams?

When Dennis describes his dreams to his psychiatrist we are taken into the corrupt world of the human mind. Where things seem almost familier.

Some dreams can seem all too real...

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Tales Of Tartarus: Jekyll 

Hopeful or Naive?

Follow the story of Doctor Henry Jekyll, Psychiatrist and strong believer that "nobody is beyond help".

Dealing with corruption, abuse of power and colleagues with seemingly no conscience, Henry finds himself pushed to the very limit. 

Although Jekyll's world is about to become a lot more "Interesting" when he comes across a patient who is seemingly beyond hope.

Be prepared to see the story you thought you knew.

Pictured Above: Moneer Emasseek (Myself) as Doctor Henry Jekyll

Coming soon:

Tales of Tartarus: Frankenstien

Tales of Tartarus: Van Helsing

Tales of Tartarus: Alice

More films in the series currently being written, check back regularly for updates.