On my role as Zincboy84 in "The Court of Smiles" Karmen Kaarlop writes:

"Moneer Elmasseeks's Zincboy84 was a physical manifestation of every entitled man-child living in their parents basements wondering why no woman wants them, raging about it in the comment sections under feminist frequency Youtube videos honestly made me want to stand up and start clapping".

On my role of Geoffrey in "Dirty Special Thing" Views from the Gods writes:

"The piece succeeds in mixing fantastical comedy elements with darker moments, such as a lonely Big Issue seller (Moneer Elmasseek) discussing all the awful things people have done to him, but deciding that maltreatment is preferable to being blanked. Heartbreaking and it certainly makes you think. This homeless man has a penchant for quoting literature and seems to be fairly well educated, highlighting how homelessness can happen to anyone - never more potent than now, with London rents so out of control".


Charlotte, a young woman visiting Shrek's Adventure while I was performing there, gave me this incredible feedback.

Side note, when first shown this I shed a tear, Charlotte didn't need to write this, but she did. As somebody with Autism myself, knowing I could help somebody In the same way I've been helped really puts things into perspective.

"Hi, I visited the attraction yesterday (Saturday 25th November) with my brother who is profoundly deaf, autistic with many other needs and, at the part where Shrek appears for a photo right at the end, we met a particular staff member. I did not get his name, however he had a long, light colored beard, and was working at that part of the attraction at around 4pm- sorry! He spoke to my brother's face, even though he was aware that I was translating for him. This made Cameron feel as if the staff member was in a discussion with him, and made him feel valued. This rarely happens, quite often someone turns to me and speaks to me as an interpreter and does not engage with my brother. Then, as we left, the staff member signed thank you to Cameron. I cannot explain how wonderful this small gesture would have made him feel. He lives in a world where he cannot communicate with the majority of people, and for someone to make to effort to break that barrier, was something that made the smile on his face even bigger. Apologies that I did not know the staff member's name, but I could not help but to try and get a message to him to thank him even more! You really made the experience even more special for him.