Past Projects

Some of the projects I've been involved with in the past:

Click on the logo to go to the "Tartarus Tales" Film series page, a series of films in various stages of production >

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Tales of Tartarus: The Tweedle Twins

Premiere screening (MC)

Role: Host/ Master of Ceremonies

At the premiere of my first short film, I hosted a large audience of people at the Castle Cinema in Hackney London.

I introduced the film, as well the behind the scenes documentary followed by a live Q&A with the cast and crew.

Watch my Vlog of the event along with all the incredible guests who came here.

Side note, this was a milestone in my life and my heart was pumping throughout the entire event! Not used to organising things, so this all coming together felt incredible.

Me and some of my costars Taylor, Michael and Kin. Check out their Instagrams here > Taylor Michael Kin

Tales of Tartarus: The Tweedle Twins (Director/ Writer/  Actor/ Producer)

Role: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

My cameo role from my directorial debut, my "Hitchcock" moment.

The first film in a series bringing classic literary characters into contemporary settings with a gothic twist.


This short Film brings the classic characters of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb from "Alice in Wonderland" to life, re-imagined as cannibal killers.

Watch the entire film here.

Myself as Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Film page coming soon.

The Cold Space (Likeness used)

Role: Astronaut

A first for me, my friend Jake kindly used my likeness for his state of the art 3D animation about a doomed astronaut. 

Cleverly using my headshots and combining them with special effects he creates emotion as well as atmosphere (pun intended).

Watch the incredible final result here.

Image of my likeness used in the animation. Check out Jake's other work here.

Ealing Hospital 40th Birthday (Actor)

Role: Poet

For Ealing Hospital's 40th aniversary myself and a few others from the "Wonderful Adventure" Theatre company took part in a variety performance to raise money for the historic hospital. For my part, I performed a rendition of "The Crickets have Arthritis" by Shane Koyczan, an emotional piece about a young boy in hospital.

Watch the variety performance here.

Myself and two of my costars Aren Johnson

and Pippa Lea. Check out their profiles here.

Fallout Cosplay shoot (Model)

Role: Vault Dweller

Had the great pleasure of modeling for my good friend Sophie at London's MCM comic con.

In it I was dressed as a Vault Dweller from the Fallout game series (My favorite game series).

The company behind the game also endorsed my costume, click here to check it out! (Was a big nerd moment for me).

My favorite shot from the photo set. Check out the full set on Sophie's photography site here.

The Raven (Actor)

Role: Edgar

Another incredible piece by "A Wonderful Adventure Theatre" company, this time bringing various works of classic and original works of fiction to life with a library being the stage of choice. This particular performance was for World Literature Day. My favorite was a performance of one of my Favorite Poems "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe.

Myself and my Co star Betsy Chadwick-Jones, who as well as being an Actress is an accomplished Puppeteer. check out her Spotlight here.

The wind in the willows (Actor)

Role: Hedgehog

Interactive theatre piece by "A wonderful adventure" theatre company performed at the Hanwell carnival.

My character also acted as a guide through the magical story to the young audience.

Myself and Co star/ Director George Francis. Check out "A wonderful adventure" and their future productions here.

Wooly Hair (Actor)

Role: Train Commuter

Short film about a young black woman and her natural hair journey. Directed by Monet Morgan.

Watch the trailer here.

Myself and Princess Mcdonnough. Check out

Monet's upcoming work at her site here.

The Betrayal (Actor and Co Writer)

Role: Ben

What would you do if your partner dared to watch Game of Thrones without you?

Watch here

Myself as Ben and my co star Drou Constantinou as Sophia. Check out her website here.

Benedick (Actor and Editor)

Role: Benedick

Contemporary adaption of Benedick's monologue from Act 2 scene 1 of "Much ado about nothing" by William Shakespeare, using the classic speech.

Watch Here

Myself as Benedick, Photo credit goes to

Jake McNeil. Check out his website here.

The Search for Sherlock Holmes (Actor)

Role: Sherlock Holmes

Here I played the legendary dective in an interactive theatre experience with an original story. The show is part of an interactive theatrical section in Madame Tussaud's.

Myself as Sherlock Holmes,

Check out the Experience


Britain's got Talent (Actor)

Role: Prince Harry

To Celebrate the royal wedding, Britain's got talent showcased the "Live models" from a new exhibit at Madame Tussaud's.

Myself with host Declan Donnelly

Frankenstein: The Reincarnations (Actor/ MUA)

Role: Frankenstein's Monster

An interactive experience for the London Book and Screen weeks celebration of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

Myself as the Monster. Check out the London book and screen weeks upcoming events here.

Zipdangle (Actor)

Role: Sgt Collins

A Neo-noir peice about a cop that "Doesn't play by the rules" and his long suffering Sargent. A fun comic book style web series by the met film school.

Check out behind the scenes Vlog here.

Myself and my Co-star Tom Laker as Zipzangle,

Check out his Instagram here.

Shaki Mat (Actor)

Role: Punk Rocker

Advert for an Acupuncture Mat.

Watch Here

Side Note, the acting industry is such a beautifully random one sometimes isn't it? Of all things, I can honestly say I never thought I would be advertising for Acupuncture Mat.

Myself as the Punk Rocker. Check out the Shakti Mat's official site here.

NowTV (Actor)

Role: Dothraki

Advert for the NowTV streaming service where I play a Dothraki from Game of Thrones.

Watch Here

Behind the Scenes Vlog, Watch Here

Myself as a Dothraki, Check out NowTV's offical site here.

ALIEN: Escape (Actor)

Role: Security Guard

Advert for ALIEN: Covenant's stage spin off in Madame Tussaud's.

Watch Here

Side note, being a massive Science Fiction fan, It took all my skill not to grin while facing down a Xenomorph (Especially as props from the film were used), so my fate in this was a badge of honor.

Myself as the security guard. Check out Madame Taussaud's site and book tickets for ALIEN: Escape here.

The Court of Smiles (Actor)

Role: Zyncboy84

Theatre production with the East London Shakespeare Company. Performed at the Rose and Crown Theatre in Walthamstow, London.


A new play by Paul McNeilly, exploring a dystopian society where smiles are compulsory and refusal merits imprisonment.

Watch here

Due to techical difficulties the recording stops half way through the performance. The last act is shown in stills.

Poster for the play. Check out the East London Shakespeare Company and their upcoming productions here.

Myself and my Co-Star Lee Ross as Tommy McAteer, Check out his IMDB here.

The London Dungeon (Actor/ MUA)

Role: Various

The famous interactive story telling experience had me playing several different characters from London's past such as Jack the ripper, Judge Wendy Farquad, Edward Bates (the man who captured Guy Fawkes) and many more.

Silent Witness (Actor)

Role: Kyle Jesmond

Playing a ditsy car thief in way over his head in the gritty long running crime detective series Silent Witness for the BBC. My television acting Debut.

For episode page click here

Behind the scenes Vlog Watch Here

Side note, I remember the sheer ecstasy of this day so vividly. This was a step towards the dream. My first role with the BBC, on the same channel as some of my favorite programs ever made. I remember sitting in my trailer and thinking "This is really how it could be". I look forward to similar experiences.

Myself as Jack the Ripper, if you fancy taking a trip to london's underworld, book your tickets here

Shrek's Adventure London (Actor)

Role: Shrek

A fun interactive theatre experience, Audiences are guided through the land of "Far Far away" on a mission to help Shrek defeat the troublesome Rumpelstiltskin. I played the jolly green Ogre in the epic climax of the story.

Behind the scenes picture of me as Shrek,

book your tickets for Shrek's Adventure here.

The Merchant of Venice (Actor)

Role: Launcelot Gobbo

Working again with the incredible East London Shakespeare Company, we brought this classic tale to life. Setting it in a trendy village in south east London, we used the backdrop of communities gradually growing together to tackle the themes within the play whilst keeping the incredible humor the play was known for in tact.

Side note, this is probably one of my favorite  stage roles to date. Combining my love of "being a clown" while getting the chance to use Shakespearean dialogue, which with the constant use of metaphor's fits well with my normal speaking pattern (being extremely over the top, fun times) .

Myself and some of the cast in one of our posters, check out future productions from the company here.

Romeo and Juliet (Actor)

Role: Gregory

One of my earliest Shakespearean roles, my part of Gregory was extended from the original script, replacing any random Montague mentioned in the script with him. This saved the amount of cast needed whilst giving me a chance to dive a little deeper into this loyal brawler to the Montague family it also gave me the honor of performing the opening speech.


Act one scene one of the show watch here

Myself and the cast in one of our rehearsal sessions with the East London Shakespeare Company, check out their future productions here.

Myself and my Co-Stars Perdel, Chana and Shekiera. Check out "Only Connect" and the incredible work they do with criminal justice here.

The Chessmen of Lewis (Actor/ Dancer)

Role: King of Athens

What happens when the legendary "Lewis Chessmen" come to life? A unique sight specific theatre production.

When the queen of Athens goes missing the kings most loyal subjects go on a quest to track her down, through Athens, Africa, Asia and even the underworld itself. Performed at the British museum using the artifacts and exhibits as backdrops with the backing of the charity "Only Connect".

Watch here

The Memory Box (Actor)

Role: Martin

A tragic short film about a young woman who receives some devastating news.

Written and directed by Jake McNeil.

Watch here

Myself and my Co Star Diana Atkins, check out her site here.

Check out the Director's site here here.

Macbeth (Actor)

Role: Macbeth

For my final end of year performance with the Central School of Speech and Drama, I was lucky enough to be cast as the titular character in Macbeth.

Side note, performing in the "Scottish play"at the end of an incredible time in one of the most incredible drama schools in the world really gave me some motivation and momentum for years to come.

Myself and my Co Star Sophie Bila as Lady Macbeth

for my work prior to my graduation from drama school, refer to my cv