Life and Death

By Moneer Elmasseek

Two chairs on the stage, facing the audience. Life, wearing white comes and sits on one of the chairs. Death, wearing Black sits on the other.


Death: Thank you baby.


Life: Its okay.


Death: no seriously, thank you.


Life: I've sent you loads of gifts.


Death: and every single one is beautiful in a different way.

Life: Not as beautiful as you.

Death smiles, Life could always make them smile.


Death: Stop it you, you probably don't even remember what I look like.


Life: You think I could ever forget you?


Death: No but...


Life: But nothing, Your image is as clear to me today as it always was.


Death: I remember how handsome you where.


Life: Erm excuse me, what's all this “where”? I'm still a tasty dish if I say so myself.

Death: Vanity much?


Life: Just a tad hun.


The two share a laugh,a special laugh. The kind of laugh that they could only share with eachother.

Life gets carried away and almost looks at death.


Death: Life, what the fuck are you doing?


Life: I'm sorry, its...


Death: its nothing, you know you cant look at me!


Life: Look I just thought..


Death: You thought what? That you could just look at me?


Life: I haven't seen you in so long baby..


Death: No, stop don't even start otherwise you'll get to me. Just shut up.


Life: Fine.


Death: Whatever.

The two sit in silence, Life looks broken, hates himself for upsetting death. Death looks stronger, but underneath her tough exterior she is also broken. The two desperately want to look at each other, but they can't. For reasons beyond human comprehension.


Death: Hey, you still there.


Life: Of course I am.


Death: I'm sorry for shouting baby.


Life: Its ok, its not your fault.


Death: Its not yours either and I shouldn't of taken it out on you.


Life: Death, you know I wish....I wish.


Death: Things were different?

Life: Yeah.


Death: Me too.


The two give a slight smile.


Life: what did you name him?


Death: The puppy?

Life: yeah.


Death: Gonna call him Donum Vitae.


Life: Aww thats cute.


Death: You don't even know what it means.


Life:...yes I do.


Death: What does it mean then?


Life: erm...


Death: Exactly Shut up.


Life smiles, Death always knew how to make them laugh.


Death: Its Latin, for “The Gift of life” Thought it would be appropriate.


Life: I should of known that.


Death: You should of known that, considering how much everybody loves you.


Life: They don't love me that much.


Death: Yes they do.


Life: Are you...Jealous.

Death: No.


Life: You are aren't you, Silly.


Death: I'm not silly and I’m not jealous. Not of you.


Life: What do you mean?

Death:...I'm jealous of them.


Life: Why?


Death: They get to feel your touch, They get to embrace you and be In your presence.


Life: Oh.


Death: And I can't my love, plus They hate and fear me. How do you think that makes me feel.


Life: Why do you think that?


Death: Most of them never want to come to me, They love you so much and they don't want to leave you. They have no idea what love is, I love you. More then any of their words can describe. I have loved you for longer then they can comprehend and I miss you more then their hearts could ever understand.


Life: I know my love...


Death: Now do you understand?


Life: I always did, but you need to understand something. Their not scared of you, their just scared of he leap. They know me, their used to me so they don't want to leave. But shall I tell you something?


Death: go on.


Life: The moment they see you, they never look back. They see how beautiful you truly are, they walk into your embrace. They finally understand why I send them to you. It is the best thing I can do for them, send them to someone where there is no pain, no end, just forever.


Death smiles, They are touched in a way that indescribable.


Death: Life.


Life: Hold on, let me finish. I scare them, because I am an uncertainty. You my love are the inevitable, no matter who or what they are. Eventually I will send them to you, where they will be loved and looked after in a way that only you can provide. You are the peace at the end of their story, just as you are the happy ever after at the end of mine.


Death: You always knew.


Life: How to make you smile?


Death: Yeah.


Life: Its what I'm here for, My sweet death.


The two sit in silence for a moment, Death is contemplating.


Death: Hold out your hand.


Life: What?


Death: you heard me.

Life: But we can't.


Death: Yes we can.


Life: But...


Death: No buts, just do as I say.


Life: Have you thought about what this could mean?

Death: Yes.


Life: For them? For us? Do you even know what might happen?


Death: Do you?


Life: No.


Death: Then do as your told, hold out your hand.


Life:...I love you.


Death: I love you too baby.

Without looking at eachother, Life and Death, breathing heavily with fear. Raise arms to eachother, As they are just about to touch, Black Out.