Bill and Dodger

By Moneer Elmasseek

We see the artful dodger easing his way through crowds, taking small little trinkets as he does. He then runs around the corner when a hand grabs him.

Dodger: Ah Sir, you’ll have to understand I’m a jewellery cleaner as such...


Dodger turns around and realised it’s Bill Sykes, he swallows, this is worse than a policeman.


Bill: Sir? Well dodger I’ve been many things in my life, but don’t reckon a gentleman is among them. 


Dodger: Oh hello Bill.


Bill: I prefer Sir come to think about it. 


Dodger: Sir I...


Bill Laughs


Bill: Dodger! Come on now, boy as sharp as you should be able to recognise a bit of jest now come on. 


Dodger awkwardly laughs.


Dodger: What are you up to today?


Bill: Me? I’m just admiring the scenery of fair city on this beautiful summers day. What about you?


Dodger: Just reliving people of a few shiny burdens. You know how it is.


Bill: Oh Gold can weigh so much these days, you’re doing the public a service.


Dodger: Of course.


Bill: I happen to acquire a very nice little finger piece on the way here.


Dodgers eyes light up.


Dodger: a ring?!


Bill: That it be 


Dodger: Can I see?


Bill: I insist.

Bill opens up a little silk bag and Dodger peers in, then is repulsed by a dismembered finger in the bag and almost vomits.


Bill: London is a busy city, sometimes I don’t have a chance to take it off he finger first. 


Dodger: That’s really something.


Bill: What about you?


Dodger: Well I acquired a few things.

Bill: Show me


Dodger shows a few of the things his stolen, a necklace, an ear ring, a pocket watch among various other items.


Bill: Well, we do have an eye for pretty things don’t we?


Dodger: Well I try.

Bill takes the items and puts them on.


Bill: I’ll be taking these then.


Dodger: What...


Bill: Come now, you won’t be denying a gentleman what’s due to him.


Dodger: I know but...


Bill: just a little bit of tax, that’s all. Here you can keep this


Bill hands dodger back the smallest piece jewellery.


Dodger: it’s just that...


Bill: Because remember I keep you boys safe.

Bill grabs Dodger


Bill: I keep you safe from all the scum and the scallywags on these I always say, if Bill don’t get his cut...


Dodger: Then he starts cutting.


Bill let’s dodger go.


Bill: Good boy.


Dodger: Fagan...


Bill: You tell Fagan if he has a problem to bring it up with me, understand?

Dodger: Yes Bill.


Bill: Good boy, now off you go. Plenty more people on this streets burdens to be lifted


Dodger: Of course, Bye Bill.


Bill gives Dodger a friendly tap on the face. 


Bill: keep up the good work, you’ll be as good as me one day.


The two separate, As Bill turns the corner he feels his ear to notice the earring he has is missing. He looks around for it but shakes it off. We then see Dodger walking around his corner, with a grin as he feels the earring on his ear.