Amin and George

By Moneer and Mahmoud Elmasseek

This scene includes Arabic language, the English translation of which, shall be written in bold beside it.


An orange lit stage, we hear the distant winds of a desert. An empty lonely landscape. A man, Sir George Roberts staggers on stage slowly, wearing rags that where once noble and clean. All thats left of the once grand crusader armour is a faint red cross on the chest. A dry Blood stain on his shoulder, he is malnourished, exhausted and collapses to his knees centre stage.


George: Oh God in heaven, give me the strength to survive this savage land. Please I beg of you, grant me respite from the hunger.


The sun shines brightly into Georges eyes. He continues to pray


George: We tried to liberate this land from the infidels, but they...they.


George collapses onto his front. We hear more of the emptiness of the wilderness. After a while, a young Arab, Amin Raheem walks onto stage, he too looks exhausted but more Acclimatized to the conditions of the dessert. He spots George lying on the floor, with caution he approaches.


Amin:Yasadiki, halanta pehala gyeda. (My friend are you well?)


With no answer, Amin takes out a pouch of water and approaches. He turns George over, Sees the faded cross upon his chest and his taken aback. A long of long contemplation he relents, cradles Georges head in his hands and raises the the pouch of water to his lips, George drinks and slowly comes back to reality.


George: What..what is this.


George realises who his savoir is, violently punches him and stands back.


George: typical savage, trying to murder a man while he slumbers.

Amin stands up and stares him down.


Amin:Lamaza Anta fahlt haza, Ana behawal osaedek. (Why do you do this? I help you.)


George: I care not for your babbling.


Amin: Ana mosh Fahem. (I do not understand your words)


George: I would wager your trying to cast some of your demon magic upon me, well it wont work.


Amin: El Enta English? (Your English aren't you?)


George recognises a familiar word.


Amin: Anta Ragul English. (You are an english man?)


Amin points at the cross on Georges chest.

George: I am English, a nobleman.


Amin confused at this notion tries to break the language barrier.


Amin: Hal enta Gundi. (Are you a solder?)

Amin makes a fighting motion.


George: Do you ask if I am a Knight?


George makes a sheathing sword motion.


Amin: Narm. (Yes.)


George: I am Sir George Roberts, Servant to his Majesty King Richard. Bound by royal decree to bring word of Christ back to the holy land.

Amin looks lost, but picks up the words he can.


Amin: Richard?


George: His Majesty to you.


Amin: Christ?


George: The holy son of God.


Amin: Hal enta Tata Kalem An Isa. (You speak of Isa?)


George: I beg your pardon.

Amin thinks hard to remember the right word.


Amin: Jesus?


George: By Jove, a learned infidel.


Amin starts to recognise this insult.


Amin: Enta Kellemtani Infidel. you call me infidel?


George: Infidel?

Amin tries to physicalise his argument using motions as he speaks.


Amin: Enta George, Atayto men baheed , lekyi taktolona. (You George come from lands afar, to murder us.)


George: I warn you to calm down, I shall kill you.


Amin: Enas eley aendakom, katalo Ebney.(Your people, kill my son.)


Amin demonstrates the height of his son and the killing motion.


George: Where there is war Infidel, there can be no prisoners.


Amin: Allmaleek betana Saladin, Endu Rahma Richard. (Our king Saladin, shows mercy to Richard.)


George: You dare to use your savage leader in the same context of our glorious king?


George staggers in for another punch, Amin easily deflects the punch to leave George on the floor.

George sits up, Amin comes to sit next to him.


George: Kill me, if that is your wish. I have done the will of God.


Amin: Allah.


George: Your savage war cry does not scare me.


Amin: Rabak Howa Raby. (Your god is my god.)

Amin again attempts to break the language barrier, he searches on the ground until he finds two near identical rocks.


Amin: God.

Amin holds up one rock.


Amin: Allah.


Amin holds up the other.


George: You mean to tell me that God and “Allah” are one and the same?

Amin nods and grasps the rocks tightly.


George: Whats your name savage?


George points to himself.


George: I am George, who are you?

George points at Amin.


Amin: Amin Raheem.


George: Amin Raheem and what are you? A witch? A medicine man?


Amin: Ana Gundi Methlack. (I am a soldier like you.)

Amin remembers the language barrier and holds up one of the rocks.


Amin: George.


Amin holds up the other rock.


Amin: Amin.


Amin holds them both together.

George: You are solider like myself?


Amin: Yes George.


Amin Nods.


George: Then fellow, we should be fighting.


Amin: Elah Ay Nehaya? (To what end.)


Amin shrugs, produces a loaf of bread which he had on his person, He proceeds to break it in half, one of which he hands to George.

George: How am I to know this isn't poisoned.

Amin gives a faint smile as he bites into his half of the bread, proving its safe to eat.


George: Ah Indeed.


George starts to eat his half. Amin looks over to him.

Amin: Salaam Alaykum. (Peace be onto you.)

George swallows and looks over to Amin.


George: Quite.


The two continue to eat as the lights slowly fade to blackout.